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What our patients say about us
Recently a sweet girl aged 10 years visited a clinic in so much distress. Her cough bouts were not making her breathe properly. Eating selectively for this girl is still tolerable than not being able to breathe and imagine for each single breath is dependent anytime on inhalers /nebulizers ? Her family’s faith in true homoeopathy brought this child to Homeoclinic. Currently she is free from clutches of so many medicines and selective food items and has started attending her school ,which earlier she could not. We believe that it’s right of every child to have a sunny, healthy, happy childhood. At the age of 10, she took her first step in a happy childhood. “J******a would always keep ill and suffer with conditions like cough, cold, vomiting, skin problem, eyes problem and even more. Due to poor digestion, my child would starve everytime we go outside and this was killing me as a mother. But then someone introduced us to Homeoclinic and it turned out to be a blessing. Dr. Randeep Nanda took all the medical history into consideration before even starting any treatment procedure and initially we were a bit unsure about homeopathy but his treatment did wonders to our child and she started responding so well to the treatment. In no time, she was able to get rid of the inhaler nebulizer which she had to consume 6-7 times. Her cough and cold were gone and she seemed stronger than ever. We can’t thank homeoclinic enough for saving our daughter.” – Parents
Patient name : J*******a
Id number :10957
HC: S*****p (6485) 38 yrs /Male. S was suffering from wheat allergy since 2008. He had been experiencing watery stool after drinking and was much affected by indigestion and acidity. he tried looking for various treatments but none worked efficiently. Rather antibiotics made his condition worse as he would experience disturbed stool after taking his course of antibiotics. He has been avoiding wheat since the longest time but in 2008, he stopped the consumption of wheat products completely.In 1995, he had been suffering from indigestion and than typhoid took core which lead to a complete bed rest for 1 month. His appetite was normal but then his thirst was affected as it got drastically decreased. He would crave for tempting indulgences like desserts, fish, chicken, meat and other things. He developed a strong aversion towards spicy food and even cold drinks. His thermal status would always be chilly. Due to extreme sensitive sleep, he would always complain for fatigue and restlessness.In the past, there were recurrent episodes of tonsillitis and his conditions made him much conscious towards his health. Overthinking and unnecessary stress lead to a disturbed personal life. This would make him constantly upset that time and he had always been missing his son (4 yrs old). Short temperament, aggressive nature were other short comings of his physical condition. things were getting worsen before he met Dr. Nanda and started his treatment with Homeoclinic. After 2 years of gradual progress in his treatment, his condition started to improve and this lead to a stronger support in lifting up his mental and emotional health. Today, S*****p is a happy man with healthy lifestyle and a firm believer in the brighter side of life.
Patient name : S****p
Id number :6485
L*****y Guru- a 6 yrs old boy child (ID- 3964) . he had been suffering with the condition of wheat allergy since 3 yrs of age. Wheat allergy deprived him of the basic nutrition and resulted in his short height and underweight issues. He would consistently complain about an unbearable stomach ache.tTg levels were as high as 158 U/ml and this was getting worse with the antibiotics he was prescribed. he would experience loose stool with a wave of pain in the abdomen. He started to loose on his health and constantly on his weight as well. He would pass the stool for 1-2 times a day. Urination was less but with the reported problem of bed wetting. He had a disturbed sleep and would wake up irritated. This induced restlessness in him and made him a hyperactive child with a lot of aggression. He would start shouting but never cry and this was making it difficult for his parents to deal with. He would rant a lot and get irritated very soon if demands were not fulfilled.Now he started possessing a dominant and dictatorial nature. He learnt as how to get things done just by creating nuisance and would cry if he was reprimanded.He would act timid and avoid a direct eye contact certain traits like being attentive at school and good hygiene standards were in his favor. He weighted 18.3kg and was 109 cm tall. Parents came to Dr. Nanda with a hope and they didn't leave disappointed. After 11 months of treatment, L*****y's health and behavior showed great improvements and today he his a grown adult with an ambitious nature and living in healthy body and spirits. -moody
Patient name : L*****y
Id number :3964
J*****r- 7 years old female child (ID- 3564) as documented on 27 September, 2007. She had been suffering with wheat allergy since 4 years of age. her Growth was arrested as she would not exhibit any signs of weight or height gain. She would experience recurrent loose motions with a reported abdominal pain along with distension. Hb levels were as low as 5 gm% initially. She had been suffering from headache since past 1 month her Hb levels as reported on 30-3-2007 were 9.43gm%. By 14-10-2007, the spiked upto 10.3gm %, by 18-12-2007, they were at the mark of 11.3gm% . Her weight as on 27-8-2007 was counted to be 19.4 kg. By 18-12-2007, it increased to 21kg. After 8 months of treatment, the weight started to gain and on 5-4-2008, it was reported as 21.4kg. Her tTg levels showed a great decline from 150 U/ml on 25-5-2004, then 0n 21-3-2005, they sloped down to 65.75 U/ml, then on 30-3-2007, they were 44.5 U/ml and by 26-10-2010, they were reported as normal as 36.3 U/ml. Initially she was reported with an increased thirst and decreased appetite with very less tolerance towards a hot weather. She would have a sweet tooth and would crave for aerated drinks. She would have excessive salivation during sleep and that too since birth. Eruptions: in the back of knee with itching and redness were spotted active. She had a violent anger and would shout. She had grown physically restless and this was a lot to handle for her age. The parents came to Dr. Nanda and this just changed the due course of the sufferings. Today, J*****r is a grown up teen who is healthy and beautiful mentally, emotionally and physically.
Patient name : J*****r
Id number :3564
V******a (8328) an 8 years old girl child. She had developed wheat allergy since 2007 and had been going through a troublesome childhood in terms of physical health. She had been suffering with consistent diarrhea and was anemic. The problem of stomachache started at the age of 2 years.She would consume dry fruits and this would trigger a massive stomachache. The only relief would occur with the help of injections. At a very early age of 1 year, she was being prescribed a gluten free diet as a remedy to her condition and was been breast fed till the age of two years. At the time of her birth, she weighed 2.8 kgs and on 22/4/11, her TTG levels were reported to be 180 and Serum iron- 15, IgE- 92.70, IgA- 2.23. She would have a very fluctuating appetite and this would give her major cravings at times. She would crave for foods like idli, chocolate, dosa and other outside foods. She had been always thirsty and her thermal status would be hot. Although, she would have a sound sleep and would be very cordial and friendly in the classroom. She was a talkative child and yet much obedient and always respectful towards elders. She had been physically active but at times, her condition would bring her back to the same cave of unpleasant health. That is when her father decided to opt for a homeopathic treatment for his daughter and visited Dr. Nanda. after months of treatment, she recovered completely from wheat allergy and started leading a normal growth as expected fro a child of her age.
Patient name : V******a
Id number :8328