Following are the few Frequently Asked Questions that will help you understand getFIT as the food intolerance test.

Most Frequent Questions

Find answers to the common and frequent questions about the test and the disease. For additional help, contact us for the consultation and booking of your getFIT.

How can one differentiate between food allergy and food intolerance/ food sensitivity?

The food intolerance is a Type-III(delayed hypersensitivity) immune response, a relatively gradual process the symptoms of which start within a few hours to few days in comparison to allergy which is a Type-I(immediate) immune response where the symptoms start within minutes of exposure to the food. The symptoms of food intolerance are mild as against that of allergy which can be severe and fatal.

What does it mean if many foods in a particular food type are positive(elevated)?
There are many foods unrelated to each other but are coming positive. How to interpret this?
After stopping the problem food, the symptoms have increased suddenly. How to go about it?
How often should one consume the borderline foods?
Can a particular food come positive even if one has never been exposed to it?
Will tolerant food come positive throughout?
Is it possible that a food test is showing Normal for a particular food which is actually a known problem food?
Can it happen that even after completely avoiding the problem food, the symptoms continue to occur?
If wheat comes Positive then does that indicate Celiac disease?