Be certain of your food choices with the most advanced food intolerance test.
Have the most accurate results with getFIT, equiped with ELISA technology
The most efficient food intolerance test now becomes even more affordable
CE marked

To ensure the international quality standards and environment safety, getFIT is a CE marked food intolerance test

ELISA Technology

Equipped with the most advanced technology of ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), getfit is trusted for its efficient procedure

Highly efficient

getFIT can test upto 120 food proteins and hence makes it a suitable food intolerance test to help you make better food choices

Quicker Results

Each minute of sufferings feels like an age and to save you from the sufferings, getFIT is designed to give quicker results as compared to others

The Making

The detection of food intolerance was challenging and hence the solution had to be path breaking! This led to the innovation of getFIT, a revolutionary test to help you make better food choices. getFIT- an abbreviation to get FOOD INTOLERANCE TEST and considering its purpose, we designed the logo identity accordingly. Green color of the logo represents the neutral status of the test while the element vector shaped as Y instead of “I” alphabet in the brand name is the shape of an antibody present in a human. Hence, the logo signifies the neutral behavior of an antibody as a resultant to the food intolerance test and the brand name suggests you to get the food intolerance test and be certain of your food choices 

The Procedure

getFIT is an advanced blood test carried out by professional lab technicians wherein they take the blood sample and test with various food proteins to evaluate the food intolerance, if any. Food extracts are ‘printed’ onto nitrocellulose ‘pads’™ on a glass microscope slide, together with calibration standards and controls. A blood sample provided by the patient is diluted and dispensed onto each printed microarray. Food IgG antibodies, if present, bind to the food extracts and the results are measured by a high-resolution scanner, before being calibrated against the standards using the FoodPrint reporting software to give quantitative results. This software then produces a tailor-made printout of the final food IgG antibody result for each food on the requested food panel.

What do the results say?


Foods under this category indicate no significant reaction and hence can be consumed freely. Represented with green color.


Foods under this category Indicate a lower antibody reaction and hence can be consumed in reduced limits and in rotation of at least 3 months. Represented with yellow color.


Foods under this category indicate a stronger reaction and hence needs to be eliminated from the diet immediately. Represented with red color.

Is getFIT really required?

The bigger question is what if you are never able to diagnose the actual reason deteriorating your health conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, obesity/weight gain, atherosclerosis, allergies, eczema, urticaria /hives, and ulcerative colitis! Hence, a better set of examination is required to diagnose the culprit agents and what better than getFIT as it is an advanced food intolerance test designed and developed in England to derive results with higher efficiency and accuracy. getFIT helps you filter your food options and choose the better ones with least or no inflammation resulting in better digestion. getFIT is quick and helps you rectify your food intolerance condition quicker. Hence, getFIT is not just an ordinary test but a door that unfolds the food science like never before.

Follow up procedure if detected with food intolerance

There isn’t a need to panic or worry if detected with food intolerance. After detection of intolerance, following steps need to be taken:
Consult a Physician

Consult a physician or nutritionist to discuss your reports and start with immediate preventive measures.

Diet Rotation

Various dietary options will be introduced in rotations to check their respective reactions with the IgG.

Change of Diet

Once detected with food intolerance, you are most likely to be advised for different food options as per your results.

Re-Introduce Diet

After 10-12 weeks, the eliminated foods are re-introduced to make sure if they still cause extreme food intolerance.

Elimination Diet

Following the test results, the elevated and borderline foods will be eliminated from your daily diet options as a treatment.


Homeopathy has proved to be a better alternative treatment method to treat the food intolerance for good.

The Report