Poor Immunity can attract Corona

27 November 2019
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Poor IMMUNITY – Open Door for Viruses & Bacteria’s
Becoming a parent and having a child completely changes your world. Your world begins to revolve around your kids and their happiness. All you want is to provide them with the best of everything. Parents tend to be more concerned about their child’s safety, food-diet, health and hygiene than they are about themselves. Today with increasing awareness, parents want good quality health care services for their children even in case of minor ailments.
With the Covid 19 CORONA hammering from all directions, the moment one sees their child sneezes, coughing or crying due to pain or some health issue, they succumb to anxiety and rush to the nearest doctor hoping that the doctor will make their child’s problem go away.

Why The Child Falls Sick Often?
Our body and immune responses are made in such a way that the balance between them drives away any harmful or toxic agents thus maintaining the balance or homoeostasis inside. Introduction of a foreign protein in the body causes an imbalance in the homeostasis and hence immunity to fight against allergen is altered.
Emotional turbulences like anger, grief, fright etc. cause secretion of neurotransmitter in the body which causes a disturbance in the internal protein balance thus making the individual susceptible to illness.
Vaccines are also foreign proteins. When a child is vaccinated, his immunity to a specific disease increases but in the bargain the general immunity is altered thus making child susceptible to other illnesses.
Allergies may manifest in the respiratory system as Asthma, gastro-intestinal tract as Wheat allergy, skin as Atopic dermatitis etc.

How to set it right?
The right homoeopathic remedy prescribed after taking the individual as a whole into account (physical characteristics, mental behavior, habits etc.) re-establishes the equilibrium bringing him back to health. It strengthens the immunity, thus allowing the body to fight strongly against any invading agent. In allopathy, patients are advised to avoid the allergens causing allergy in them. But in homoeopathy all the allergic agents are taken care of and finally the individual is freed from the allergy completely as a homoeopathic medicine cures the patient by decreasing his sensitivity to an allergen, reducing intensity and frequency of the attacks gradually.
“The child is not only freed from the clutches of allergy but also finds its right to a sunny, healthy and happy childhood. Holistic healing gives the child a new blooming personality, full of confidence to live and love life again.”
Homoeopathic medicines not only relieve common and acute problems of children but also prevent recurrent episodes of ill-health. Recurrent tonsillitis, enlarged adenoids, bedwetting, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, diarrhea, constipation and many more illnesses can be safely and
effectively treated with Homeopathy. Emotional and behavioral disorders such as anxiety, depression, defiant or aggressive behavior can also be treated with Homeopathy.
The biggest advantage of Homeopathy is that the medicines are easy to administer and not bitter. Children willingly and happily take Homeopathy.

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