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Do you suffer pain in abdomen after eating?
Is there bloating/distention/burping after having food?
Does constipation/diarrhea/lot of flatulence give you discomfort?
Does heartburn or acid reflux, trouble you often?
Does heartburn or acid reflux, trouble you often?
Do you experience headaches after having food?
Do you get hives /allergy often?
Any history of anxiety/confusion/nervousness or depression for no apparent medical reason?
Have you tried to lose weight and never succeeded & if you have lost weight have you put it on again?
Do you suffer from running nose/shortness of breath/wheezing after having food?
Did you experience palpitations/panic attacks/raising pulse?
Did you feel nausea & vomiting after eating, very frequently?
Every small physical work cause extreme fatigue and do you feel low in energy?
Is your sleep not refreshing?
Is your skin sensitive?
Did you recover easily after exercise?